Posted on: September 15, 2008 10:17 am

Oh, What A Day!

The frustration I felt, all afternoon was probably minimal compared to what Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning experienced.  I watched as my Colts were shut down at the line of scrimmage.  They could not run, and for the most part or the afternoon, could not consistently pass.  Finally, somewhere between halftime and the end of the 3rd quarter, the Colts figured out the passing lanes and starting putting points on the board.

I have to say that the defense kept the Colts in the game.  The inability of the Vikings offense to put the ball in the end zone, allowed the door to stay open for an offense that would, at one point, come alive.

Adrian Peterson was amazing.  However, that was about the extent of the Vikings offense.  Tavaris Jackson could not beat the Colts.  Because of the inability of T-Jax to lead his team, it made the road to victory just a bit shorter for Peyton and the offense.

Anthony Gonzalez was completely awesome, yesterday; even having pulled the biggest bonehead move that turned out good, but could have killed the Colts drive had it not worked out.  Reggie Wayne, after having a big-time drop that would have probably been 6, came back with some clutch catches.  Marvin Harrison, also had a big time catch and absorbed a hit that would have jarred the ball from most anyone else.

This game came down to, not as much a Colts comeback, but the Vikings inept offense.  The fact that the Minnesota offense could not stay on the field, in the second half, kept their defense on and tired.  Although, still shutting down the run, they could not defend the quickness of the Indianapolis pass attack.  It was pick-your-poison, and they chose the run.

The schedule doesn't get easier.  Jacksonville comes to Indianapolis, next week.  They are 0-2 and very hungry for a win.  The Colts will have their hands full with a two pronged running attack of Taylor / Jones-Drew.  Once the Colts get through the next week, they will have two weeks to rest up for the Houston Texans.

The Colts have got to get healthy.  The absence of Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark was heavily felt.  The loss of Tony Ugoh threw too many rookies out on the line.  Peyton Manning hit the turf way too many times.  A couple of times, I nearly lost my breath, as he got up very slowly.

My hat's off to a Colts coaching staff that never got rattled, and kept it's collective head to keep the Colts in the game.  Next up...Jacksonville.
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