Posted on: October 6, 2008 10:27 am

What A Steal! Colts Escape Houston.

When the Colts took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown, immediately, I thought that they were finally back on track.  When they went down and kicked a field goal to add to the score, I was feeling more comfortable.  Then something happened.  The Colts left the door, not only open, but actually took it off the hinges, allowing the Texans to go up on them with 27 unanswered points.

The defense looked terrible and tired.  They could not tackle.  They seemed to be playing to far off, on the pass plays.  The Texans of yesterday, were looking like the Niners of the '80's.  The offense could not get it torqued up.  Although, Marvin Harrison caught some difficult balls, it was apparent that he and Peyton are no longer operating on the same page.  At one point, both were shown on television having a heated discussion on the what route Marvin ran, and what route Peyton expected.

The Colts gave up 156 yards on the ground, and another 246 through the air.  It is becoming apparent that this defense needs a run stopper.  I'm not talking about getting Bob Sanders back in the lineup.  I'm talking about a 300 pounder to clog up the middle like the a Big Mac clogs an artery. 

The Colts did not play well for about 50 minutes.  They did not out and out win the game.  Sage Rosenfels handed the game to them.

The Colts MUST get better on defense, and solve some of these offensive woes, or it will be a shorter season than the past few.

Next up: Baltimore
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