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Posted on: October 27, 2008 11:40 pm

The Colts Are Finished. The Door Closed.....

Tomorrow, in every sports journal or newspaper in America, you will read how the Indianapolis Colts run of being an elite team in the NFL has come to an end.  The obituary will be written that Peyton Manning is washed up and that Marvin Harrison is done.

The window is closed.

You know what I say to that?  Baloney!

What you saw tonight was a Titans team, playing in their home stadium, that went up hard against a division opponent.  The Colts came out on the short end.

Is it over for the Colts?  No.  Is it a guartantee that the Titans are going to the Super Bowl, like the sign I just read?  That's laughable.  There are still 9 games left in this season, and plenty of time for the Colts to win games, and make a run at the division.  Even if they don't win the divivsion, it is still a close conference.  Beat up on the AFC North and the Patriots, and whomever else may come our way, and lets see what happens.

Congratulations to the Tennessee Titans on a game well played.  However, the season is not over yet.

For the Colts, I felt that the defense improved a lot and next week, Bob Sanders returns.  I'm not overly excited about Joseph Addai's return, as I think that he is accident prone, and is not as explosive as he needs to be.

I still have a lot of hopes for the end of the season.

As to the game, we ran the ball well.  We played better on defense.  Tennessee was the better team, tonight.

Sunday Night, 8:15pm......New England @ The Luke.

Posted on: October 26, 2008 12:33 pm

Big Week

I was on a cruise all week, but it didn't stop me from thinking about football.  Although, I was out of touch as to what has transpired, during the week, I did run into plenty of football fans; NFL fans.

I met William and Jacqueline from Nashville.  We jested about the big matchup on Monday night.  William spoke of how this season felt so much like the Super Bowl season for the Titans.  We talked about how strong the Tennessee defense was and how Lendell White was having a great year.  He also spoke of his respect for Peyton Manning and how you could never count the Colts out.

That is the biggest point, right there.  Don't count the Colts out.

If you look on ESPN, CBS, Fox, and any sports website, the Colts window has slammed shut and they are out of the playoffs.  This will be a defining game for the Colts.  They face a smoking hot Titans team, on the road, and will need to step up the performance, if they are to come home with a win.

Can they do it?  I believe that Peyton Manning is still under center.  I believe.  The Colts just need to do what they do.  They need to play their game.  I don't believe any window has closed for the Colts.  With 3 losses early in the season, I have yet to see anything that they are doing which cannot be corrected.  Fundamentals.  Fundamentals.  Fundamentals!  Tackle, and be physical, which is what they can do.

I heard Keyshawn Johnson talk of how it is not certain whether Tony Dungy is a lame duck coach, or not.  Whether this is his last year or not, Tony Dungy is a winner.  His mind is on winning.  He would not have coached this year if his head was not in the game.

This will take an all out effort, by the Colts, as a team.  Can they do it?  You betcha.

Do what they do.  That's what they need to do.  That's what they will do.

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