Posted on: September 15, 2008 4:28 pm

Around the AFC

You know, there is a lot of talk about a shift of power within the AFC, and from the AFC to the NFC.  It is amazing to me how one man going out for the year can change a whole conference.  But that is what a lot of people would have you believe.

Now, as I am a true blue Colts fan, I am a hater of the New England Patriots.  Some call me a homer, and that's ok.  Some days I fit the bill, others, not so much.  I will say this, one man will not affect the output of other teams.  Tom Brady is important to his team.  However, he is not the center of the AFC.

You can read the homer-based posts everyday that tell the rest of us that the Patriots will win the division / conference / Super Bowl.  Whoa! Hold up.

Matt Cassel is NOT Tom Brady.  Lets face it, the Patriots played a team, yesterday, that had a new (ancient) quarterback with a few weeks in the system, under his belt.  Not to mention, one that has consistently played on the edge for the past few years, which is why the Pack was so anxious to move him along to another team.  Brett Favre is not the savior of the Jets.  He is not the Patriot killer.

A memo to all of you in the Patriot Nation, there are some games, each year, that Tom Brady flat out won for the Patriots.  I don't see Matt Cassel doing that.  As a Colts fan, I can count on Peyton Manning making a successful drive under two minutes, to win the game.  Tom Brady has done that, time and again.  I don't see Matt Cassel doing that.  And what happens if Cassel gets hurt?  He took some serious shots, yesterday, and I thought he injured his knee at one point.  You have a rookie behind him.  I wouldn't think that would give a fuzzy feeling.

There are other teams in the AFC that will make a push, this year, and will be gunning for the Patriots.  The Steelers look pretty darn good, this year.  Last nights' game was not a lot of fun to watch, but when playing in a driving wind and rain, you are limited on what you can do.  The Colts will only get better as people get healthy and Manning gets more time.  The Broncos have turned up the heat, in the West, and Jay Cutler has looked aswesome.  The Bills have had two very good games.  The Titans are playing well, and probably better without Vince "Stop Booing Me" Young.  The Jags still have time to turn it around, as we are only entering week 3.  The Chargers seem to hang around and make a push at the end of the year.

The fact of the matter is, we are only 2 deep in a season of 17 weeks.  Matt Cassel will be figured out by defenses, within a few weeks, just as Tony Romo was in his first season.

Be objective.  A young inexperienced quarterback may not be able to win the game for you, but he can sure lose it.
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