Posted on: December 8, 2008 3:00 pm
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Another Win, and No Injuries!

The Indianapolis Colts effectively dismantled a mauch maligned Bengals team yesterday, and made it six in a row, strengthening ther spot for a wild card. 

The Colts did it with superb play from the defense and near flawless play from the offense.

Now, the beans and biscuits.......

We played the Bengals.  This is a team which has been having a hard time getting on the team bus without screwin something up.  The Colts were still not very good on the running game.  Joseph Addai and Dom Rhodes ran well at times, but lost yardage on 6 of 20 rushes.  That is not something that is going to win games in the playoffs.  That has to change.

One good thing was that Bob Sanders, though a bit rusty, was back on the field and the Colts suffered no injuries.  That could not be said for the Bengals.

Next week we face the Lions.  The Colts need to get it together with the running game or it will be a short lived playoff run,

Let's not let the Lions get their first win against the Horseshoes!

Go Horse!

Posted on: November 10, 2008 10:36 am

Bend But Don't Break

Last night, the Indianapolis Colts showed what they were made of.  At the first of the game, it looked as though Pittsburgh would have an easy go of it, by driving down the field and putting 7 on the board.  However, it was the start of a very long game for the Steelers, and Ben Roethlisberger.

The Colts came back to match the 7 when a ball was tipped into Reggie Wayne's hands, completing a 65 yard touchdown play.  The Steelers went back up, but because of a Keiwan Ratliff interception, the Colts drove down and put 7 more on the board, to go in down, only 3, at halftime. 

This was the way the Steelers day would go.  Playing through a 17-17 tie, into the 4th quarter, undrafted rookie Eric Foster stuffed Mewelde Moore at the one, which would have put the Steelers up by 7.  Instead, they settled for a field goal and a 3 point lead.  Tim Jennings then stepped to teh plate, intercepting Big Ben and giving the Colts good field position.  A couple of plays later, Dominick Rhodes caught Manning pass and carried it to the endzone.  The fate of the Steelers would be known, only after a Melvin Bullitt interception in the endzone as time expired.

It was 40 years since the Colts last won in Pittsburgh.  Indianapolis Offensive Coordinator, Tom Moore, was 30 years old.  That is history.  Yesterday, the Colts played with what Pittsburgh gave them.  And yesterday, Pittsburgh gave them the ball and a short field, for most of the day.

What was the big difference?  Defense.  The defense got off the field.  Not only did they get off the field, they gave the offense a short field to work with and a lot of momentum.

So if you're a Pittsburgh fan, you can say that it was injuries.  If you're a Colts fan, you can say that we outplayed Pittsburgh.  You can't really look at injuries in the RB position, as Moore has been lighting it up for Pittsburgh's running game.  You can say it was Ben's injuries, but I don't think so.  Actually, I think Ben took some chances that he should not have taken.  He made some throws that were just poor decisions.  He threw into tight coverage too many times.  The kid has a gun, but just made some poor decisions.

To me, it looked like a really good game plan, along with a swarming defense, and a little bit of luck.  But, luck doesn't hurt anyone!

By the way, have you noticed the Colts run defense, they didn't look too shabby, at all.  The team is really starting to come together.

From here on out, the schedule presents opponents whom are tough and will present weekly challenges.  I think that the Colts are up to task. 

Next up:  Houston Texans @ Lucas Oil Stadium, Sunday @ 1:00pm.  This team will try to avenge a 4th quarter melt-down that cost them the first game against the Colts.  It will be a tough game.
Posted on: October 6, 2008 10:27 am

What A Steal! Colts Escape Houston.

When the Colts took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown, immediately, I thought that they were finally back on track.  When they went down and kicked a field goal to add to the score, I was feeling more comfortable.  Then something happened.  The Colts left the door, not only open, but actually took it off the hinges, allowing the Texans to go up on them with 27 unanswered points.

The defense looked terrible and tired.  They could not tackle.  They seemed to be playing to far off, on the pass plays.  The Texans of yesterday, were looking like the Niners of the '80's.  The offense could not get it torqued up.  Although, Marvin Harrison caught some difficult balls, it was apparent that he and Peyton are no longer operating on the same page.  At one point, both were shown on television having a heated discussion on the what route Marvin ran, and what route Peyton expected.

The Colts gave up 156 yards on the ground, and another 246 through the air.  It is becoming apparent that this defense needs a run stopper.  I'm not talking about getting Bob Sanders back in the lineup.  I'm talking about a 300 pounder to clog up the middle like the a Big Mac clogs an artery. 

The Colts did not play well for about 50 minutes.  They did not out and out win the game.  Sage Rosenfels handed the game to them.

The Colts MUST get better on defense, and solve some of these offensive woes, or it will be a shorter season than the past few.

Next up: Baltimore
Posted on: September 29, 2008 7:51 am

Bye Bye, Baby!

It was a bye week for the Indianapolis Colts, so I spent my Sunday morning doing some really high level, important stuff; filling a cooler with my favorite alcoholic beverage and heading out to the golf course.  It was some much needed time away from the game.  I took the time to reflect, work on the fundamentals, and spend time with my family.  I didn't have any surgery, as I was not quite sure how long it would keep me on the sidelines, but I did get a paper cut on my thumb, for which I covered with a bandage.

The golf course was a good stress reliever.  Had a great day with my girl and 13 year-old son.  This kid has only played golf for almost 2 years and shot a 47 on the back nine.  He had 3 pars and a 240 yard drive.  He looks so natural when he swings.  It was a beautiful day to play, and I shot one of my better rounds.

Then, it was home to watch some football.  All I can say is, any given Sunday.  I could not believe some of the things I was seeing.

Who would have thought that an old quarterback, in an offense that has looked stagnant, all season, could put up six touchdowns?  Who would have thought the high-flying Denver Broncos would drop like a rock in Arrowhead Stadium.  The ready for Primetime Dallas Cowboys, are all of a suddenly tamed by the Washington Redskins that punched the 'boys in the mouths.  The Chicago Bears have found a decent, I didn't say great, but decent QB in Kyle Orton.  And though I still think the Packers made the right decision, Aaron Rodgers looked very ordinary, yesterday.

A couple of things that I noted, The Buffalo Bills look like they are the favorites in the east, to me.  They are playing, somewhat, the same
cupcakes as New England, and I think the Bills will fair better.  The Titans are rolling.  Could they be a better team with Kerry Collins?  They sure look like it. 

The Colts used the practices this past week for going over what they needed to work on and getting back to the fundamentals of the game; blocking and tackling.  Bob Sanders had arthroscopic knee surgery to clean out his knee.  It is hoped that he can be back in 2-4 weeks.

I do know that, after watching the Houston Texans take Jacksonville into overtime, yesterday, no one can be overlooked on the Colts schedule.  Hopefully the bye week will have enabled the Colts to heal up, and do what they need to to turn the record around to a winning one.  I doesn't get much easier from here.
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Posted on: September 22, 2008 11:00 am

Monday Morning Blues

The Jacksonville Jaguars came into Lucas Oil Stadium, yesterday, at 0-2.  They knew that an 0-3 start would be very hard to overcome in one of the tightest and toughest divisions in the NFL.  They would not be denied, as they punched the Colts defense in the mouth with a 1-2 combination, all day, of Jones-Drew & Taylor.

I must say, the officiating was not the best.  There were two times, that I saw the defender yank Marvin Harrison's jersey so hard the it left the top of his shoulder pads exposed, resulting in no flag, and an interception.  The shot to Dallas Clark looked like the result of a forearm or shoulder to the head.  The pass interference call on the last drive seemed kinda hokey, at best.

That being said, when it comes to beating a team, the defense has to make a stop.  Yesterday, they let the Jaguars run all over them.  My 10 year-old son could have ran through some of the holes being opened up by a reserve Jags o-line.

I am not going to bang on the Colts offense because they did move the ball a lot better than they did the first two games.  However, to be able to move the ball, you have to be on the field.  The defense could not put it together.  You can blame the injury of Bob Sanders, however, Bob Sanders is not the entire defense.  The inability to stop the run has plagued the Colts for years.  For a coach that is considered a defense minded coach, Tony Dungy has yet to put a run stopping defense together.  We just do not have the beef up front to adequately plug the gaps.

As a huge fan of Marvin Harrison, I do have to say that he looked a step slower, yesterday.  Yes, he scored a touchdown.  Yes, he made a clutch catch.  However, there were some balls thrown his way that were catchable a couple years ago.  He has a harder time shaking coverage, and at times, just seems slower.  It might not have been a bad idea to hold onto Devin Aromashodu .

Well, the Colts are in their bye week.  So, maybe they take this time and get healthy, come back and put a string of wins together.  I am not so worried about the loss, as I know that they will improve, and I always know that they will drop one to Jacksonville and Tennessee each year.  There is still a lot of time left in this season.  Quite honestly, after watching some of the games in the league yesterday, I am convinced that there is not that big of a gap between 1-2 and 3-0, right now.
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Posted on: September 19, 2008 10:02 am

Blue Friday

As I sit at my desk, wearing my blue jeans and Colts golf shirt, I ponder the possibilities of the weekend and what the Colts will face on Sunday.

The Colts have had their issues during the first two games, and look to turn things around this week.  Yes, I know that they won against Minnesota, but I am in hopes that the Colts put 4 solid quarters of football, together.

Jacksonville comes into Indianapolis hungry and winless.  The running back tandem of Taylor and Jones-Drew are averaging a paltry 47 yards per game.  Jacksonville will game plan around getting the ball in their hands and running over a Colts defense that has had issues with the run, in the past two games.  With the absence of Bob Sanders, it could be a big day on the ground for Jacksonville.

That being said, I believe the Colts defense steps up to the plate.  I think the D steps up with a couple of big stops   David Garrard has thrown 3 INT's to 1 TD, so far this season, and I look to see the the Colts come up with at least one pick.  I think that this is the game that Peyton has his first real breakout game of the year.  Look for Indy to establish the running game, with Saturday and Clark, back in the lineup.

What does the game mean?  Nothing, really.  If the Colts lose, they head into the bye week at 1-2 and are able to lick their wounds and come back strong.  Jacksonville will still be 1-2 with a not so friendly schedule.  If the Colts win, they get the first one in "The Luke" and start working on the first priority of winning the division.  If Jacksonville loses, it could mean the season.

My pick for the game:

Colts 28  Jaguars 10
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Posted on: September 15, 2008 4:28 pm

Around the AFC

You know, there is a lot of talk about a shift of power within the AFC, and from the AFC to the NFC.  It is amazing to me how one man going out for the year can change a whole conference.  But that is what a lot of people would have you believe.

Now, as I am a true blue Colts fan, I am a hater of the New England Patriots.  Some call me a homer, and that's ok.  Some days I fit the bill, others, not so much.  I will say this, one man will not affect the output of other teams.  Tom Brady is important to his team.  However, he is not the center of the AFC.

You can read the homer-based posts everyday that tell the rest of us that the Patriots will win the division / conference / Super Bowl.  Whoa! Hold up.

Matt Cassel is NOT Tom Brady.  Lets face it, the Patriots played a team, yesterday, that had a new (ancient) quarterback with a few weeks in the system, under his belt.  Not to mention, one that has consistently played on the edge for the past few years, which is why the Pack was so anxious to move him along to another team.  Brett Favre is not the savior of the Jets.  He is not the Patriot killer.

A memo to all of you in the Patriot Nation, there are some games, each year, that Tom Brady flat out won for the Patriots.  I don't see Matt Cassel doing that.  As a Colts fan, I can count on Peyton Manning making a successful drive under two minutes, to win the game.  Tom Brady has done that, time and again.  I don't see Matt Cassel doing that.  And what happens if Cassel gets hurt?  He took some serious shots, yesterday, and I thought he injured his knee at one point.  You have a rookie behind him.  I wouldn't think that would give a fuzzy feeling.

There are other teams in the AFC that will make a push, this year, and will be gunning for the Patriots.  The Steelers look pretty darn good, this year.  Last nights' game was not a lot of fun to watch, but when playing in a driving wind and rain, you are limited on what you can do.  The Colts will only get better as people get healthy and Manning gets more time.  The Broncos have turned up the heat, in the West, and Jay Cutler has looked aswesome.  The Bills have had two very good games.  The Titans are playing well, and probably better without Vince "Stop Booing Me" Young.  The Jags still have time to turn it around, as we are only entering week 3.  The Chargers seem to hang around and make a push at the end of the year.

The fact of the matter is, we are only 2 deep in a season of 17 weeks.  Matt Cassel will be figured out by defenses, within a few weeks, just as Tony Romo was in his first season.

Be objective.  A young inexperienced quarterback may not be able to win the game for you, but he can sure lose it.
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Posted on: September 15, 2008 10:17 am

Oh, What A Day!

The frustration I felt, all afternoon was probably minimal compared to what Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning experienced.  I watched as my Colts were shut down at the line of scrimmage.  They could not run, and for the most part or the afternoon, could not consistently pass.  Finally, somewhere between halftime and the end of the 3rd quarter, the Colts figured out the passing lanes and starting putting points on the board.

I have to say that the defense kept the Colts in the game.  The inability of the Vikings offense to put the ball in the end zone, allowed the door to stay open for an offense that would, at one point, come alive.

Adrian Peterson was amazing.  However, that was about the extent of the Vikings offense.  Tavaris Jackson could not beat the Colts.  Because of the inability of T-Jax to lead his team, it made the road to victory just a bit shorter for Peyton and the offense.

Anthony Gonzalez was completely awesome, yesterday; even having pulled the biggest bonehead move that turned out good, but could have killed the Colts drive had it not worked out.  Reggie Wayne, after having a big-time drop that would have probably been 6, came back with some clutch catches.  Marvin Harrison, also had a big time catch and absorbed a hit that would have jarred the ball from most anyone else.

This game came down to, not as much a Colts comeback, but the Vikings inept offense.  The fact that the Minnesota offense could not stay on the field, in the second half, kept their defense on and tired.  Although, still shutting down the run, they could not defend the quickness of the Indianapolis pass attack.  It was pick-your-poison, and they chose the run.

The schedule doesn't get easier.  Jacksonville comes to Indianapolis, next week.  They are 0-2 and very hungry for a win.  The Colts will have their hands full with a two pronged running attack of Taylor / Jones-Drew.  Once the Colts get through the next week, they will have two weeks to rest up for the Houston Texans.

The Colts have got to get healthy.  The absence of Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark was heavily felt.  The loss of Tony Ugoh threw too many rookies out on the line.  Peyton Manning hit the turf way too many times.  A couple of times, I nearly lost my breath, as he got up very slowly.

My hat's off to a Colts coaching staff that never got rattled, and kept it's collective head to keep the Colts in the game.  Next up...Jacksonville.
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