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Posted on: November 10, 2008 4:22 pm

Remember When: Marvin Harrison, The Old Days

Remember a few years back when Marvin Harrison took the field against the, I believe, New England Patriots on Monday Night?  In the first series, he got into a scuffle into the end zone with a Patriots DB because he was so pumped.  Those days seem like days so lost in the past.

Since that time he went down for, what may as well have been, a season ending knee injury, and has yet to fully come back.

Will he ever?  I'm not feeling to comfortable with that answer.

All year we have heard analyst after analyst say that Marvin has lost a step.  While that may be true, i think Marvin may have lost something more.  Desire.  A will to win.

Marvin Harrison caught 3 balls for 37 yards, yesterday.  Meager stats compared to two years ago.  However, he still flies down the field.  He can still beat most DB's in the game.  One thing that I saw yesterday was the lack of desire to try.  Two balls, in particular, that I saw were thrown his way that were slightly overthrown would have been catches in the past.  Yesterday, it looked like Marvin barely tried to stretch out for the completion.

Is there too much water under the bridge?  Did his knee injury make him gun-shy?  Speaking of guns; is the of-the-field legal issue coming into play, too much, taking his mind off of his game?

I'm not sure of the answers to these question, but I think that it's time that Harrison has a heart-to-heart with himself and ask himself some serious questions.  If he is not going to be an active, aggressive participant in trying to get back to the Super Bowl, maybe it's time for someone to take his place.  There are 52 other guys on that field, counting on him to step up.  There is a city that loves Marvin, and respects his play.

Marv, if you're still in there, we want you back.  We want the real "you."
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