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Posted on: November 16, 2008 8:55 pm

The Colts of Old?

Today in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Colts put an end to the playoff hopes of the Houston Texans.  They did so in a way that looked familiar, as the Colts of old. 

The first half looked to be a struggle for the Colts as they did very little to help themselves.  While they were on defense, the Colts could do little more than to let the Houston offense run over the top of them.  On offense, the Colts killed themselves with stupid penalties.  Tony Ugoh accounted for 3 straight penalties.

At halftime, adjustments were made.  The offense came out firing on all cylinders.  The Colts finally put a respectable run game together, and every receiver contributed.

The one thing that made this win possible was the play of the offensive line.  No sacks.  They put together a good pretection scheme and opened holes for a productive running game.

The Colts never really figured out a way to stop the Texans run attack, but did enough to post a win.  You never want to put too much emphasis on one person, but without Bob Sanders, this is a different defense.  Hopefully he will be back next week against the San Diego Chargers.

I do have to pass on props to Marvin Harrison.  I'm not sure if he got tired of hearing everyone rag on him about his productivity, or what.  He looked more like vintage, clutch, Marvin Harrison.  It was great to witness.

Next week, the Colts go on the road to face the Chargers, whom have beaten them the last two times out.  This will go a long way in putting the Colts up on the Chargers in tie-breakers, if they can come home with a win. 

All in all, a good win.

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