Posted on: September 29, 2008 7:51 am

Bye Bye, Baby!

It was a bye week for the Indianapolis Colts, so I spent my Sunday morning doing some really high level, important stuff; filling a cooler with my favorite alcoholic beverage and heading out to the golf course.  It was some much needed time away from the game.  I took the time to reflect, work on the fundamentals, and spend time with my family.  I didn't have any surgery, as I was not quite sure how long it would keep me on the sidelines, but I did get a paper cut on my thumb, for which I covered with a bandage.

The golf course was a good stress reliever.  Had a great day with my girl and 13 year-old son.  This kid has only played golf for almost 2 years and shot a 47 on the back nine.  He had 3 pars and a 240 yard drive.  He looks so natural when he swings.  It was a beautiful day to play, and I shot one of my better rounds.

Then, it was home to watch some football.  All I can say is, any given Sunday.  I could not believe some of the things I was seeing.

Who would have thought that an old quarterback, in an offense that has looked stagnant, all season, could put up six touchdowns?  Who would have thought the high-flying Denver Broncos would drop like a rock in Arrowhead Stadium.  The ready for Primetime Dallas Cowboys, are all of a suddenly tamed by the Washington Redskins that punched the 'boys in the mouths.  The Chicago Bears have found a decent, I didn't say great, but decent QB in Kyle Orton.  And though I still think the Packers made the right decision, Aaron Rodgers looked very ordinary, yesterday.

A couple of things that I noted, The Buffalo Bills look like they are the favorites in the east, to me.  They are playing, somewhat, the same
cupcakes as New England, and I think the Bills will fair better.  The Titans are rolling.  Could they be a better team with Kerry Collins?  They sure look like it. 

The Colts used the practices this past week for going over what they needed to work on and getting back to the fundamentals of the game; blocking and tackling.  Bob Sanders had arthroscopic knee surgery to clean out his knee.  It is hoped that he can be back in 2-4 weeks.

I do know that, after watching the Houston Texans take Jacksonville into overtime, yesterday, no one can be overlooked on the Colts schedule.  Hopefully the bye week will have enabled the Colts to heal up, and do what they need to to turn the record around to a winning one.  I doesn't get much easier from here.
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