Posted on: September 8, 2008 10:29 am

It's only one game, but.................

The thrill, the excitement, the anticipation of the opening of another Colts season, and Lucas Oli Stadium has come to an end.  How quickly the honeymoon has ended.

What figured to be an exciting game, from an Indianapolis standpoint, turned out to have Chicago fans standing and cheering throughout the second half.  Indianapolis just couldn't get it going.

Most figured that Peyton would be a little rusty and take about a half to get back in the groove.  He would need to take a couple of hits to get aclimated to real time, real action.  Those hits came early.

The Bears defense crowded the line and stopped the run.  After that, Peyton seemed to be running for his life, at times.

There were a couple of things that became apparent to me, rather quickly.

1. The loss of Jeff Saturday was bigger than a lot of people thought it would be.  The offensive line folded, time and again, under a vicious Chicago attack.  They had a hard time blowing off of the ball for the run, and was marginal in pass protection.

2. The run defense of two years ago, seems to have come back.  It wasn't until late in the game that the Colts defense finally got the run under control.  But then, Kyle Orton was starting to look like Joe Montana, as he completed pass after pass.
3. Special teams did look a lot better than previous years.

The running game HAS to improve.  With no run, the defense only needs to sit back and wait for the pick.

This is only the first game, and I, as a Colts fan have gotten "unused" to losing, especially a home opener.  But you look around the league, and Colts fans can count their blessings.

As soon as I saw that Tom Brady went down, I begin to think about what would happen if it were Peyton.  This could have been a lot worse.

Tom Brady's loss, may have taken New England out of contention.  This was only one game.  San Diego also lost.  When you look at our division, it's pretty even, still.  The Titans are on top, but they lost Vince Young.  It's still a wide open race.

For right now, we need to regroup and get ready for the Minnesota Vikings.  This tough road just got tougher.  We'll see if the Colts can rebound.  I only hope!
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