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Posted on: November 5, 2008 9:52 am

A Victory For America

I am the owner of a Karaoke & DJ company.  Last night, while doing a show, I got to do something that I never dreamed I would be able to do.

As a couple finished singing their song, I faded the music out and announced, "If you haven't been paying attention, we have just made history in electing Barack Obama as our 44th President, and first African American to hold the office of President of The United States."

The place erupted with screams and clapping.  It was very moving.  Later in the evening, I was met with very mixed opinions.  I learned that there is still a lot of unfounded hate, fear, and ignorance in our society.

I was told that someone needs to and will shoot that n***er before he ever takes office.  I was told that Barack Obama was the Anti-Christ, and was the beginning to the downfall of Christianity.  I was told that we are now going to become a Muslim country.

My feelings are this.  Barack Obama has offered this country a chance to unite.  He has offered this country a, not good, but great choice in leading our country, taking the reigns and doing what it takes to get out of the mess that we are in.

I am a white, middle class man.  We have two boys that we are trying to raise right.  Last night, they got to see history made.

It is time for us, as a country, as a family, to move on and move forward.  No more pointing fingers.  No more blame game.  No more oppression and hate.  Let us stop judging one another by the color of our skin.  Let us work together as a family; a family like the one that put this country together.  We are all different, yet the same.

Just seven years after 9/11, we have elected a man with a Muslim name.  We have looked past the cover of the book, and actually to time to read the content.

Barack Obama is a Christian.   He is a husband.  He is a father.  Barack Obama is an American.

We must not kill our leaders because of hate.  We must embrace our society for doing the right thing.  For once, we have looked past race and put our faith in a man that most of us feel has the vision, the intelligence, and the drive to get us out of this economical mess that we are in.

I'm honored to live in a nation that has finally begun the process of putting the best person in the job, instead of just the best white person.  Congratulations President-Elect Obama.  I am excited about our future.
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