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Indianapolis - The Bart Simpson of Post Season

The Indianapolis Colts took to the field, last night, as a one point favorite against a Chargers team that had nearly missed the playoffs, starting the season 4-8.  The Colts had, yet, another 12 win regular season and had strung together 9 wins in a row.

The Colts are at home today preparing for the next big thing....

The off season.

The Colts defense, effectively let Darren Sproles run all over the top of them.  They had no answers in the last 2.5 quarters of football.  This should have been a game that the Colts excelled in, since LaDanian Tomlinson was sidelined for most of the game.  However, once again, another year and another defense that cannot stop the run.

The offense didn't help matters.  Analysts have been saying all year that a one dimensional offense will not win in the playoffs.  Guess what; they are right.  The Colts offense could not generate much on the ground.  When it was needed most, they generated less.  The offensive line was partially to blame, but even the novice football fan could see that Joseph Addai was not going to get much yardage dancing around in the backfield.

Some of the things that I see need to happen to get the Colts over this hump are as follows:

1. Draft a run stopper.  Put some meat on the defensive line that is going to plug up the middle and force teams from the run.

2. Get a running back that can generate yardage, does more than dance in the backfield, and is less injury prone.

3. As much as I hate to say it, get a quality WR as a replacement for Marvin Harrison, and cut the first ballot Hall Of Famer.

4. The Colts need to do an extensive search for a special teams coach.  Our special teams is an achilles heal, every year.

5. I think Coach Dungy is a heck of a guy.  However, I don't think the retirement of Coach Dungy would necessarily be a bad thing.  We have been consistently good during the regular season.  We continually choke up a hairball in the playoffs.  Talent has changed, the coaching staff has not.  Maybe a change is due.

Congratulations to the San Diego Chargers.  You have earned another week on the playoff merry-go-round.

For the Colts......

I guess there is always next year.

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Posted on: December 15, 2008 10:14 am
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Colts Keep Lions Winless

The Colts faced a hungry Lions team on Sunday, but like so many Sundays earlier in the season, the Lions went away hungry.

In what appeared, from my seat, to be a poorly officiated game for both teams, the Colts took it to the Lions, despite some less that savory calls for the officiating crew.

I did not hear the explanation of the first fumble.  The only thing that I can figure is that a penalty is not reviewable.  Keiwan Ratliff was clearly interfered with on the punt return that was ruled a Lions fumble recovery.  It amazed me how the entire audience of the Luke saw it on the Jumbotron, but the official blew it in the replay booth.

Maybe they were showing porn under the curtain.

However, none of that mattered as the Colts reeled of their seventh straight win, to improve to 10-4.

Indianapolis is in the drivers’ seat in the chase for a Wild Card.  They have earned it.  Dominic Rhodes looked awesome running the ball, as did Chad Simpson.  And I have to say, that one-handed grab by Dallas Clark had to be one of the best of the year.  He just snagged that thing out of the air.  With his hands and size, he has to be one of the premier Tight Ends in the league.

It’s a short week for the Colts, as we head down to Jacksonville for Thursday Night Football.  The team will be set to avenge the early season loss to what is, now, a dumpster fire in Jacksonville.
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Another Win, and No Injuries!

The Indianapolis Colts effectively dismantled a mauch maligned Bengals team yesterday, and made it six in a row, strengthening ther spot for a wild card. 

The Colts did it with superb play from the defense and near flawless play from the offense.

Now, the beans and biscuits.......

We played the Bengals.  This is a team which has been having a hard time getting on the team bus without screwin something up.  The Colts were still not very good on the running game.  Joseph Addai and Dom Rhodes ran well at times, but lost yardage on 6 of 20 rushes.  That is not something that is going to win games in the playoffs.  That has to change.

One good thing was that Bob Sanders, though a bit rusty, was back on the field and the Colts suffered no injuries.  That could not be said for the Bengals.

Next week we face the Lions.  The Colts need to get it together with the running game or it will be a short lived playoff run,

Let's not let the Lions get their first win against the Horseshoes!

Go Horse!

Posted on: November 30, 2008 7:09 pm
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Colts Escape Cleveland

It wasn't a blowout.  There was no record passing day for Peyton Manning or a career rushing day for Joseph Addai.  Instead, it was a grind-it-out, smashmouth football game in the cold.

They say that defense wins football games.  That is not something that can be said for the Colts defense, very often.  In the past, the Colts offense put an enormous amount of points on the board, and the defense is then able to pass rush against a team trying to get back into the game by passing the ball.

Today, the defense bailed out a negligible offense, and came up with some big plays when they needed to.  Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis had a great game, as they fought all day providing pressure against Derek Anderson and forced the struggling QB into bad situations, and put him out of the game, and possibly out of the season.

The Colts are still awaiting word on Gary Brackett, whom had gone out with an apparent leg injury.  Early word is that he has an ankle injury, but there is no word as to how long the team will be without him.

The Colts come out of this game on a 5-game win streak.  The remaining schedule is is said to be the easiest in the NFL.  However, today proved that you cannot overlook any team on the schedule, as some of the worst teams in the NFL are some of the most dangerous.

Next week, we play the Cincinnati Bengals, in The Luke.  I'm sure that it will be a good game, and have high hopes for a 6-game win streak! 

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Posted on: November 6, 2008 10:52 am

Colts vs. Steelers

This week the Colts face, probably, the biggest challenge of the season.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have put together 6 impressive wins, this year, and will be looking to improve their position in the AFC North, by going 7-2.

The Colts have struggled this year.  They have yet to put a consistent string of wins together, but have looked impressive over the last two games against the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots.  The Pittsburgh Steelers is a whole different animal.

It is not certain whether Big Ben Roethlisberger will lead his team this weekend, as he is trying to rehab a shoulder injury that was aggravated in the game against Washington.  However, Big Ben or not, the Steelers are formidable foes, as Byron Leftwich can step in for Ben.  Leftwich knows the Colts very well, as he faced us many times as QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Though his success with Jacksonville was limited, against the Colts, he would be more of a threat to Indianapolis, as Pittsburgh has the weapons in the backfield, and a tremendous corps of receivers to keep the Indy defense off-balanced.

Indianapolis must do what it can to get out and score, and score often.  They cannot falter against a team that can throw AND run the ball.  I am sure that the Steelers will do what every other team has tried to do this year.  Control the clock and keep Peyton and Company off of the field.

The Colts have added some beef ot their defensive line, this week, in the signing of Antonio Johnson (6-3), 310 lbs) off of Tennessee's practice squad.  Will he be a big help?  We can only hope.  More beef on the D-line should help to slow down the run.  The Colts also get Dante Hughes and Freddie Keiaho back.  Hopefully that will beef up the defense a bit.

This will be a great game.  If the Colts win, the strengthen their bid in the race for a wildcard.  If Pittsburgh wins, they potentially can put another game between them and the Ravens, pending a Ravens loss.

Game time 4:15pm.  This one, you won't want to miss!
Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:24 am

Another Week. Another Big Test

The Colts go on the road, this week, for another big test.  The Green Bay Packers have been reeling, going 1-3 in their last 3 outings.  In those games, they haven't faced an offense the caliber of the Peyton Manning led Colts.

The big question?  Injuries.  Colts running back, Joseph Addai, could be sitting for the next two to four weeks with, what is described as, a tweaked hamstring.  The latest I have heard was that he would seek a second opinion, but that he could be lobbying to get back on the field sooner than later.  The Colts also lost University of Michigan standout, Mike Hart, which had been placed on the IR due to the knee injury he sustained in the game against Baltimore.

The Colts made a trade for 3rd year DT John McGargo, in the 11th hour of the trade deadline, for an undisclosed draft pick.  That deal, has since fallen through as McCargo failed his physical when doctors found a bulging disc in his back.  McCargo hasn't exactly been a barn burner with the Bills and has spent considerable amounts of time injured.  This may have been a blessing in disguise.

Sunday will be a test, as much for the Packers, as the Colts.  The Packer defense is 10th in the league in Passing Defense, and lead the league in interceptions.  However, Peyton and the Colts offense seem to be hitting their stride. 

On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers has shown that he, too, can be dangerous.  He has a monster arm, and is not afraid to take of if the pocket collapses and the pressure gets too much.  The Colts defense will try to stop the run, then force Rodgers into pressure situations in hopes that he makes mistakes.

I am excited about this game.  It is a very important game for both teams, as the Colts try to catch Tennessee, and the NFC North is knotted up in a 3-way tie.  A loss for either team will present one more hole to dig themselves out of.  We'll find out on Sunday, which team handles the pressure the best.
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